Sunday, May 1, 2011

Running An Android Game Development Workshop

In April I was asked to give a workshop on Android game development for the South Florida Android Developers Meetup Group. After some brain storming I decided to do a two part workshop where the participants would make a simple run-n-jump game called: Droid-Run-Jump.

workshop participants
I chose a run-n-jump type game because: 
  1. it is a simple game to code
  2. it has a fun game mechanic which is easy to build on
  3. and even though the game is relatively simple it touches an many of the core Android SDK and Game Development concepts one must understand in order to make more complex games on Android.

Workshop 1

The first workshop took place April 16th. Participants learned the following concepts: 
  • how to create a game Activity for Android SDK
  • how to create a basic game loop
  • how to draw graphics using the Canvas API
  • how to do basic timing
  • and how to do basic collision detection.

Below is a screenshot of the final game for workshop 1:

first version of the game

Workshop 2

The second workshop took place two weeks later on April 30th. In this workshop participants added some polish to the game and fixed some problems with the game base source.

The following was accomplished in workshop 2:
  • pastries were added
  • scoring
  • animations and graphics
  • sound effects
  • and pause/save/restore was implemented.

Below are screen shots of the final game:

game main menu
final game play with graphics and sound
It was a fun and exhausting experience creating and running the workshop. Compared to other similar workshops I've done in the past I was very pleased that all the participants were able to complete all the workshop goals and they all seemed to have had a good time.

Here are the resources for the entire workshop:

Game source:

Final Game APK File / Workshop Slides: